CISP Data Center

Learn more about our Ohio Data Center.
  • 24/7/365 support from experienced technicians
  • Multiple self-healing fiber connections
  • Concrete and steel reinforced walls
  • State-of-the-art waterless fire suppression system
  • Dual APC battery array for redundant power
  • Backup generators for extended power outages
data center ohio


CISP is located in Toledo, Ohio easily accessible from I-475 behind the Central Avenue strip. The 42,100 square-foot facility houses the Network Operations Center (NOC) and Data Center, the Technology Team, Sales & Marketing group, the Customer Solutions Call Center, CISP 's administrative offices and a disaster relief room. The building sits on a 5 acre campus that contains the facility, the generator backups, the parking lot and a large front and back lawn. For the peace of mind of our customers, CISP has security cameras not only in the NOC but also strategically positioned throughout the building and the parking lot. CISP has a high potential for growth even in the current facility.

Fully Redundant Toledo Data Center

Redundancy is the back-bone of reliability in the telecommunications world and our Ohio data center is no diferent. The NOC connects to the outside world utilizing multiple fiber connections through a self-healing sonet ring supplied by multiple carriers, guaranteeing connectivity to the internet even in the event of a catastrophic failure on the part of one of the providers. The NOC was built to withstand natural disaster or security breaches with concrete and reinforced walls. Employees and customers have to pass through two secure entry and surveillance points to reach their servers.


Our Ohio data center provides the perfect climate controlled environment to help your server reach its maximum performance. Four air conditioning units provide 69 degrees Fahrenheit for peak operation. The NOC is monitored 24x7 and technicians are alerted instantly if the temperature rises.

Advanced Fire Suppression in our Ohio Data Center

The most advanced fire suppression system is used to protect your equipment and valuable information in the event of a fire. The ultra-sensitive smoke detection is capable of suppressing fires in 10 seconds. Best of all, a gas-based waterless system is used that does not harm equipment.


Electrical failures of any kind are never a concern with dual battery systems simultaneously delivering power. The entire facility is run from an APC battery array, similar to the equipment in any major hospital. This battery array is charged continuously by either utility power or one of our redundant diesel generators.

Backup Power

CISP has planned for the worst case scenarios to give clients the peace of mind that their data is safe and their businesses will not be interrupted. In the event of a power outage in the region two backup generators feed the battery systems. The NOC can maintain uninterrupted uptime throughout a full-scale blackout for up to 7 days without refueling. Our Toledo colocation facility always has power... yet another reason CISP is the perfect host for your Toledo IT services.