The History of CISP :: Going back to the roots...

Since 1998 Community ISP has been providing telecommunications services to customers ranging from the single-party residences to Fortune 500 corporations. Building on our telecommunications experience, CISP pioneered the affinity marketing approach for Virtual Internet Service Provider programs in 2000 with the addition of dialup internet service.

With the new millennium came the vision of growth and expansion for CISP. In August 2000 the new home for CISP moved from the Arrowhead Park office to a spacious 42,000 square foot complex and began operating as a 24/7/365 data center in Ohio.

CISP gave dialup customers peace of mind by offering the X-Filter product in 2001. This is a great tool for customers desiring a family-friendly web browsing experience by blocking unwanted websites. In 2003 the Webrunner accelerator was added to the services offered to dialup customers. This product is an affordable way for customers to browse the internet up to 5 times faster than traditional dialup access.

The addition of Detour Communications gave CISP the ability to provide more extensive local and long distance telephone service. Dedicated internet access at various levels and speeds are also available through our Detour sales team.

Managed Services, Colocation Ohio & NOC Expansion"

The year 2006 was an exciting time of growth at CISP. To stream-line the colocation and managed services we provide, Yocolo was formed in that summer under the CISP network. In an effort to make a greater impact in Toledo and the surrounding areas, CISP purchased TotaLink in October. CISP was now in the offices and homes of prominent local companies providing DSL and wireless internet access. The year ended in a big way as November marked the expansion of the Network Operations Center, increasing the amount of rack space by more than 4 times.

2008 brought many improvements to the services provided by CISP. The network infrastructure was upgraded in 2008 by our certified team of technicians. In September 2008, the wireless network was redesigned to provide more reliable and redundant connections between towers. The Restora Backup Software was first offered to clients in October 2008 to ensure that data stays safe and secure with multiple layers of protection.

CISP is a growing IT and telecom solutions provider with the necessary credentials and expertise to provide state-of-the-art services to our customers and has been since the beginning.