News & Announcements :: CISP Stays Up Through Storm

Posted on July 9th, 2012 at 3:48 PM EST

The hurricane-force storm that impacted much of Northwest Ohio on Thursday, July 5th left over 60,000 commercial & residential customers without power. CISP was one of those customers left without utility power, but never lost power internally. Dustin Wade, President of CISP explains, "The multiple layers of redundant power built into our infrastructure ensured that CISP's customers would not be left without power or network connectivity. For the customers co-located here at CISP, their equipment was continuously up and operational."

For nearly 30 hours without utility power, CISP's dual generators continuously fed the power required to keep all equipment running. "Our customers trust us to be there when a disaster strikes. This storm was no exception and we're glad we were able to deliver the service expected of us, even in 100 degree temperatures", Wade added. CISP also had a fuel truck on stand-by to refill the dual 700 gallon generator tanks.

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