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Posted on September 3rd, 2010 at 4:00 PM EST

Disaster Planning and Recovery Seminar
September 16th, 3:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m.

     Join CISP and the Red Cross for a FREE workshop on disaster planning for your business. Our session will include information by a local company, tips on how you can prepare business and the Red Cross will provide information for you and your family. also include a short discussion with a Lake Township company damaged in the tornado, but with a positive message on how to plan and what to plan for.

     Service Spring, a lake township company damaged in the tornado, was assisted by CISP hosting their business operations in the CISP Disaster Recovery suite so they could resume business immediately. Service Spring had a plan, but they didn't plan for what happened. Learn what you can do to protect your business, your data and your family in case of a disaster.

Disaster Planning and Recovery Seminar
Thursday, September 16th, 3:00pm
3055 Moffat, Toledo, OH

   • Types of Disasters - natural and otherwise.

   • Disaster Recovery options
       • Reactive
            • Potential unforeseen consequences
            • If you're going to be reactive, at least know your options in case of an
              emergency...we'll talk about those options.
       • Proactive
            • In a perfect world, you should have a plan to cover any disaster. What does a
              perfect plan look like?
            • We live in an imperfect world; you do have options to protect yourself, even if
              your plan isn't perfect.

   • Service Spring (damaged in the Lake Township Tornado disaster) representative to
      give a firsthand account of their disaster recovery experience.
            • Also a review of what changes have been made to the disaster recovery plan
              based on lessons learned.
            • How they got through the disaster and what efforts are available if you are
              ever in that situation.

   • Red Cross Home preparedness

   • Question and Answer session - tours of the CISP Disaster Recovery Suite and data
     center will be offered.

Please contact Karen Lawniczak at 419-724-5351, seats are limited to the first 75 responses.