News & Announcements :: Platform Lab Rededication

Posted on April 16th, 2009 at 9:00 AM EST

CISP held a Platform Lab Event to showcase the facility and CISP staff to the regional IT community. There were representatives from forty-five organizations in attendance and the exceptional facility, industry expertise and professionalism was evident to all. The event was an important building block for the coming year as we continue to gain positive regional exposure and related sales of our products and services. We have been approached to host additional events this year and our long-term success and continued growth is dependent on this exposure and integration within our target market.

Great presentations by representatives from Platform Lab, the Regional Growth Partnership and University of Toledo were very useful to all present. Professional networking is the key to growth in today's marketplace and many new contacts were developed following the guest speakers. Anyone in attendance will realize the benefits from utilizing any of the services provided by CISP.

Our sales team is always ready to provide any business with a complete analysis of their needs and how we can meet any IT challenges they may be encountering. Location is not an issue; you can be here in Toledo or in Montana, Florida or even Canada and CISP will still provide the same service. We pride ourselves in maintaining an excellent flow of communication between our sales professionals and technology team. Although we are always growing we are never too large to devote time and energy required for each customer no matter the level of service provided.