The Basics of Wireless Mesh Networks

The advancement of, and the growing popularity of 802.11 mesh networks is a continuing hot topic among many different wireless groups. This topic is also fueled by the recently ratified 802.11s. Mesh networks often fall short of our expectations; mainly due to high latency and dropped packets. Why they work and why they don’t; the two biggest reasons that wireless mesh networks fail. Continue reading

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VMware Snapshots – Backups

There is a lot of confusion out there concerning VMware Snapshots. We would take few minutes to discuss some features and best practices for VMware Snapshots. Continue reading

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Who are we? Heather Fuller – Junior Systems Engineer

Heather is a Junior Systems Engineer here at CISP. We have asked her to put together a short bio so you, valued reader, can get to know her just a little bit better. Heather says that her grandparents helped her … Continue reading

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Wireless Subscriber Connections Surpass U.S. Population

It was nearly 40 years ago that Motorola’s Martin Cooper made the first-ever call using a handheld mobile phone. How quickly has the cell phone industry progressed? It was only six years later in 1979 that what is now known … Continue reading

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